Using Polar Bear Knut to Push Discredited Global Warming Threat

Reporter Nicholas Kulish forwards Al Gore's discredited global warming threats to polar bears: "Knut arrived on the scene at a moment when global warming was a growing topic, born the same year ...

CNN's Costello Floats Bill Maher's, Al Gore's Ideas of Liberal Tea Party

With such esteemed liberal intellectual heavyweights like comedian Bill Maher and Al Gore calling for the liberal grassroots to stand up and make their voices heard, CNN's Carol Costello floated ... Article Worries 'U.S., European Media' 'Worlds Apart' on Climate Change

Writer laments American media's 'balanced reporting,' despite their huge bias towards climate alarmism.

Chris Matthews Slams 'Evil' Rush Limbaugh for Spreading Climate Change 'Lies'

A frothing Chris Matthews on Wednesday excoriated Rush Limbaugh as "evil" for spreading "lies" about global warming.

NBC Thinks Real-Life Noah's Ark Could Be Needed in Global Warming Apocalypse

During a fluffy human interest story on Wednesday's NBC Today about a man in Holland who built a full-size replica of the biblical Noah's Ark, correspondent Janet Shamlian turned serious for a ...

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5 Years After: Networks Celebrate Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth,' Ignore Scientific Flaws, Criticism
Media Research Center

Katie Couric's Five Years at CBS Marked by Liberal Agenda and Low Ratings

Advertised as a "Straight Shooter," Couric's Liberal Skew Did Nothing to Repair Damage Caused by Dan Rather's Bias

Miracle on West 57th: CBS Ties Lee to Gore and Quotes Assessment of Bush as 'Intelligent'

Wednesday's CBS Evening News, without Katie Couric, uniquely amongst the broadcast network evening newscasts tied Discovery Channel hostage-taker/bomber James Lee to Al Gore and, even more ...

HuffPo: 'Missed Opportunity' of BP Spill, Cap and Trade, are 'Point of No Return'

Jim Garrison laments the failure of the eco-left to legislate change on climate issues, surprisingly suggests private sector might be quickest route to change.

Andrea Mitchell: I Thought Al Gore Settled Global Warming Debate

MSNBC host bewildered that Republican candidates would use threat of higher energy taxes supported by Democrats as campaign fodder.
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