CNN Asks McCain Why He's Blaming President So Much for Payroll Tax Standoff

When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blamed not only President Obama but also members of his own party for the payroll tax standoff, CNN's Ali Velshi interjected that perhaps the senator was being too ...

CNN Praises Persistence of 'Resonating' and 'Unignorable' Wall Street Protests

Citing a poll showing that 51 percent of Americans have heard of the Wall Street protests, CNN's American Morning co-hosts lobbed some compliments toward the protesters on Tuesday. Co-host ...

CNN's Velshi Admits Press Went Soft on Obama's Tax Hike Plan

CNN's financial guru Ali Velshi admitted that the press didn't really challenge President Obama's proposal for tax hikes after his Thursday press conference on his jobs bill. Velshi, perhaps going ...

CNN's Velshi: Stimulus Didn't Fail

CNN's business guru Ali Velshi argued that the stimulus did not fail, in a testy exchange Monday with CNN contributor Dana Loesch that followed President Obama's jobs plan speech.

CNN Welcomes a Forbes Columnist's Call for 'Enormous Stimulus Program'

On Thursday, Forbes's Robert Lenzner claimed the U.S. needs a second stimulus, and CNN's financial gurus Richard Quest and Ali Velshi were content to leave him with his point. Velshi even ...

CNN Hosts Team Up to Peddle Liberal Line on Tax Cuts

CNN's Christine Romans and Ali Velshi tried to argue that no evidence exists linking tax cuts to job creation while interviewing Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) Thursday, on America's deficit problem.

Snarky Ali Velshi Batters Grover Norquist Over Debt Ceiling Pledge

On his Saturday show Your Money, CNN host Ali Velshi tried to pin the blame for the debt ceiling standoff on one man ' the president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist. "Are you the ...

Bashing Bachmann: A Review of Liberal Media's Most Obnoxious Attacks on the GOP Presidential Contender

Monday's official announcement by Republican Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann that she is running for the GOP nomination for President could spawn a whole new round of frenzied attacks by ...

CNN Anchor Questions If Gov't Should Really Be Limited Within Constitutional Powers

CNN's Ali Velshi apparently believes the idea of a federal government limited within Constitutional powers is a little far-fetched.
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