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CNN Contributor Foolishly Argues Kentucky, Arkansas Have 'Never' Been Democratic 'Hotbeds'

CNN contributor Maria Cardona may have forgotten some history as she tried to spin away President Obama's troubles in the Arkansas and Kentucky Democratic primaries."Look, Arkansas and ...

After Hyping Union Push to Defeat Lincoln in Ark., Times Plays It Straight After Left-Wing Loss

From the Times lead story Wednesday: "Mrs. Lincoln withstood a multi-million-dollar campaign against her from organized labor, environmental groups and liberal advocacy organizations from outside ...

Just How Moderate Is Arkansas's Blanche Lincoln, Anyway?

The Times placed left-of-center Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the middle, but found angry conservative uprising in this pecular passage: "It may be a measure of the electorate's angry mood that ...

Govt's 4-Day Work Week Doesn't Work

The media embrace a shorter work week without regard to taxpayers.

More Tornadoes Than Usual in the South Because of...Well, You Know

It took the Times a while, but an increase in U.S. tornadoes was eventually blamed on you-know-what: "But several groups of researchers have begun to ask if the country is seeing more severe ...

Nossiter Finds More Appeals to Racism Among Republicans

Reporter Adam Nossiter on the GOP: "...appeals to solidarity based on race remain a potent if unspoken force for the party."
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