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NYTimes Obit Proves It: Left Still Won't Forgive Sen. Specter for Being Mean to Anita Hill

Sheryl Gay Stolberg's obituary for Sen. Arlen Specter shows liberals and the Times have yet to forgive the liberal Republican for being so mean to feminist icon Anita Hill: "The Thomas ...
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NBC: 'Under Assault' from Tea Party, Arlen Specter 'Bolted to the Democratic Party'

In an obituary for former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter on Sunday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell summarized his shift in political allegiance this way: "Specter's views, ...
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Piers Morgan Encourages Arlen Specter to Take Out Some Tea Party 'Cannibals'

As former Senator Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) railed against political extremists whom he termed "cannibals," CNN's Piers Morgan actually encouraged him to "start taking a few of them out for us" ...
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Befuddled Chris Matthews to Democrat Specter: The GOP is 'Your Party'

A seemingly befuddled Chris Matthews on Tuesday interviewed former Senator Arlen Specter, gleefully (and incorrectly) referring to the Democrat as a Republican. Downplaying the fact that ...
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