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NYT's Parker on Black Voters 'Suspicious of Mr. Romney’s Record on Civil Rights and Diversity'

NYT's Ashley Parker hits Romney on faith and obscure state government issues to suggest he's racially suspect: "In recent national polls, Mr. Obama still overwhelming leads Mr. Romney among ...
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Parker Eagerly Uses Trump Fundraiser to Dredge Up Old Democratic Accusations Against Romney

New York Times reporter Ashley Parker: "That and other statements left the Romney campaign to fend off questions about the candidate’s views on that long-discredited accusation and whether he ...

Pro-Gay Hero Obama vs. Anti-Gay Bully Romney on Front Page of New York Times

Parker and Kantor tag-team Mitt Romney on alleged anti-gay high-school bullying from a half-century ago: "The day after President Obama endorsed gay marriage, Mitt Romney found himself ...
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Parker Finds Rap on Romney as 'Dull and Vanilla' Unfair, But She Contributed to It in the NYTimes

Mitt Romney's campaign reporter for the Times, Ashley Parker, reviews the primary as it wind down: "...frankly, most of us who have been there since the beginning find the rap on Mr. Romney that ...
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Another Bogus NYT Story Baselessly Assumes Contraception Fight Hurting the GOP

Another phony New York Times story suggesting women's issues like abortion and contraception are hurting the GOP: Reporter Ashley Parker ignores inconvenient findings from the paper's own poll ...
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Meet Mitt Romney, 'Unfeeling Corporate Titan'

Times reporter Ashley Parker, on the Romney campaign trail, used an out-of-context remark by Mitt Romney to rehash Romney’s list of rich-guy campaign gaffes.
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