Notable Quotables - 08/11/1997

MediaWatch: August 1997

Dressmakers Outrank Democrats; NewsBites: No Nazi Gaffes Unless it's Newt; Revolving Door: CNN's Clintonista; Tabloid Tales Trump Scandals; A Times Warp; Torricelli's Prenatal Studies; CNN Barely ...

Notable Quotables - 09/09/1996

Notable Quotables - 08/26/1996

MediaWatch: August 1996

Networks Try to Create "Houston II"; NewsBites: Unconcerned About Rape; Revolving Door: Fallows Fallacies; Reaganomics, the Scary Sequel; Don't Touch Welfare!; Ross Takes on the Boss; Kemp Choice ...

Notable Quotables - 09/11/1995

Notable Quotables - 08/28/1995

Notable Quotables - 08/14/1995

MediaWatch: August 1995

Media Bridge Over Silent Waters; NewsBites: Opposed to Infants and Lepers; ABC Goes Goofy; Time: Conservatives Are Stupid; Pushing Quotas, Spiking Critics; Rotten to the Corps; Worrying About ...
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