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5 Years After: 7 Worst Media Attacks on Tea Party

Journalists call group ‘terrorists,’ ‘racist,’ murderers and more.
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Santelli Recalls February 2009: Bailout ‘Dissension was Born,’ ‘I Blew a Gasket’

CNBC on-air editor still critical of bailouts, acknowledges rant that helped launch the Tea Party movement.
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CNN's Velshi: Opponents of Auto Bailout 'Kind of Have Egg on Their Faces'

Despite the cost of the auto bailout to taxpayers, CNN hailed the subsequent resurfacing of GM as a "pretty amazing" feat and took a jab at the original opponents of the bailout, which ...
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CBS Cues Up GM’s CEO to Proclaim Obama Saved GM – and the Country

“Did President Obama save General Motors?” CBS’s Dean Reynolds asked General Motors Chairman and CEO Daniel Akerson as both sat inside a GM plant. On Thursday’s CBS Evening News, Akerson ...
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ABC Showcases Chrysler Workers to Decry Romney’s Opposition to Bailout

Previewing the Michigan primary, ABC’s David Muir found three Chrysler workers to boast of how the Obama administration’s auto bailout “worked” and “it would have been devastating” if Mitt Romney ...

Amanpour Panelist Regrets 'Abysmal' White House PR Means Lack of Appreciation for GM Bailout

ABC's Christiane Amanpour on Sunday gave national exposure to a liberal Financial Times reporter. Ed Luce declared the world would react "with deep horror, I think, but also some amusement," to a ...

Freddie Mac Demands More (and More)

AP reports GSE requests another $1.8 billion in aid, bury omission from financial reform bill.

Calls to 'Rein in the Federal Government' Are 'Not Very Rational,' Al Hunt Declares on ABC

"The side that talks about the need to rein in the federal government" is "not very rational," yet "is winning" the debate over whether to pass another "stimulus" bill, Al Hunt regretted on ...

Yawn: Michael Moore Takes up Tired Task of Bashing Wall Street

Documentary filmmaker and media darling slated to mock bailouts with upcoming film.
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