CNBC Asia Guest Host: U.S. Treasury is 'Wasting Money' with Bailouts

Kirby Daley says nationalize financial institutions or let them fail; calls AIG outrage 'populist campaign-like rhetoric.'

"Obama Administration" vs. "The Government"

When bad news hits, does the Times shift responsibility from Barack Obama to place the blame on that more generic institution "the government"?

Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone?

A couple of old men remind us of the missing ingredient for a strong society.

News I'd Like To See

Here are a few stories that would make turning on the news a lot more pleasant.

Nationalize Banks? One Investor Says So Be It.

On Fox Business Network, portfolio manager says Obama should nationalize if that's what it takes.

The Kidnapping of Santa Claus

A system that rewards failure cannot right itself.

'Lost' In America

In 2008, we've lost a lot more than mere wealth.

Econ 101: Financial Bailouts and the Rule of Law

Rule of law - not rule of men - is necessary for economic stability.
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