CBS Promotes Arianna Huffington Bashing 'Dastardly' Banks

In a segment on the banking industry on CBS's Sunday Morning, fill-in anchor Anthony Mason cited the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" and wondered: "Who would you say is today's equivalent of the ...

Taxpayers Will Pay Twice if Obama Gets His Bank Tax

President's attempt to punish bankers for taking TARP is unfair and will bite consumers, not executives.

Ratigan: Regulation to the Rescue

To NBC, the free market is the problem.

Santelli Blasts Obama's Warning on Taking 'Reckless Risks' as 'Un-American'

CNBC reporter calls president's comments on TARP repayments 'a major philosophical issue' that contradicts free-market capitalism.

Economics Reporter Pleased With Discrediting of Capitalism

Marxist-influenced economics reporter Peter Goodman describes China as home "to 13 billion fingers waiting to be licked in the thrall of KFC chicken."

Inhofe Warns TARP Recipients Giving to ACORN, Other Left-Wing Causes

Oklahoma Senator appears on CNBC to explain his amendment to demand bailed out institutions disclose 'expenditures that are not essential to restoring their solvency.'

Wall Street Bets Obama Will Fire Bank CEOs Next Says CNBC Reporter

Network's NYSE floor staffer Bob Pisani: 'Several' bank executives are to be pushed out next.

Bank Nationalization? No Worries

David Leonhardt can't understand why the Obama administration is so reluctant to bring it up: " is a bit odd to watch Barack Obama, who aspires to finally end the era of Reaganomics, spend ...

Bernanke: 'Too Big To Fail' Not Fair to Smaller Banks

Federal Reserve Chairman calls rationale 'a serious, serious problem.'

NY Times Columnist Says Saving Banks Will Take another Trillion

Sorkin Tells 'Good Morning America' financials need fixing 'all over again.'
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