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Bailout Ballyhoo for Obama, Boos for Romney

In anticipation of Michigan's GOP primary the liberal media have been playing up Barack Obama as the savior of Detroit and turning Mitt Romney into its villain. Even though the auto bailout ...
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Big Three Spin Religious Liberty Scandal as Political 'Firestorm'

MRC analysts studied all 36 stories, interviews and mentions of the HHS mandate story on the Big Three networks from January 30 through February 15. Out of the 91 talking heads who appeared on ...
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CBS Trumpets Slanted Poll: 61% of Catholics Support ObamaCare Mandate

On its Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning newscasts, CBS played up its most recent poll, which found that 61 percent of Catholics approve "President Obama's contraception policy," as a graphic ...
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Calmes Almost Forgets Obama's Deficit Promises, Pushes Political Potency of His Big-Spending Budget Plan

White House reporter Jackie Calmes treated last year's Obama budget proposal as just right in its balance of spending cuts and increases and gave him a pass for putting off tough choices. But ...
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NBC: Republicans 'Quick to Lash Out' at Obama Budget

In an attempt to frame Republican opposition to the President's 2013 budget proposal as merely political posturing, NBC Today co-host Ann Curry announced to viewers on Tuesday: "President Obama ...
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NBC's Gregory Dismisses Santorum Concerns Over Obama Second Term

In a hostile interview with Rick Santorum on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory attempted to paint the Republican presidential candidate as some kind of paranoid conspiracy ...
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Obama's Contraception Plan Just a Cynical Wedge Issue Used by GOP?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer portrayed the religious freedom fight over birth control in cynical political terms, showcasing Republicans as being opportunistic in opposition to Obama's requirement ...
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NBC Liberals All Agree: GOP Should 'Be Quiet' on Chrysler Ad, Obama Did 'Save the Auto Industry'

In a panel discussion on Wednesday's NBC Today, committed liberal and advertising executive Donny Deutsch denounced critics of Chrysler's Super Bowl ad: "Republicans should be quiet because by ...

Anguished Lead NYT Editorial Accuses Obama of Giving Up High Ground on Super PACs

The liberal Times editorial page feels betrayed by President Obama's embrace of Super PACs, reversing his position on campaign finance: "He is also telling the country that simply getting ...
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The Secular Media vs. Religious Liberty

CBS discovered the controversy over ObamaCare and contraceptives ten days late. But the networks as a whole were asleep on this for 15 days.
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