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ABC and NBC Anything But Fast and Furious On Gunwalking Scandal

MRC analysts reviewed the Big Three network evening and morning news shows and found that while CBS aired 29 stories and 1 brief on Fast and Furious, ABC aired only one brief on the June 15, ...

Even Chris Matthews Sees Danger for Obama after 'Frightening,' Birth Control Decision

Even Chris Matthews, who famously gushed about the "thrill" Barack Obama gave his leg, is troubled by the President's "frightening" decision to force Catholic charities to provide birth control ...
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Soledad O'Brien Parrots White House Talking Points on HHS Contraception Mandate

Even when told that paying for birth control would violate the consciences of certain religious organizations, CNN's Soledad O'Brien wondered why the groups still shouldn't have to cover ...

Obama Decides SuperPAC No 'Threat to Democracy' After All, Times Barely Sees Stark Hypocrisy

Obama decides that Super PACs aren't such a "threat to democracy" after all, but the Times barely acknowledges the flip-flop: "...a milestone in Mr. Obamas evolving stances on political fund-raising."

Cooper Basks in 'Obama Camp's Delight' Over Romney Struggles

Helene Cooper: "Both moments were perceived by the Obama re-election campaign as another gift from Mr. Romney - now dubbed 'the gift that keeps on giving' by some on the Obama team."

CBS, ABC Highlight Obama 'Flip-Flop' on Super PACs; NBC Punts

CBS This Morning on Tuesday led its broadcast with the Obama re-election campaign's decision on Monday night to reverse its opposition to super PAC fundraising. Charlie Rose teased the report by ...

ABC Finally Breaks Silence on Obama's Birth Control Attack, CBS Still Quiet

ABC broke network silence on Tuesday morning, finally offering a report on the Obama administration's decision to force religious organizations to provide birth control in their health care plans. ...

CNN Quickly Reported Liberal Backlash Against Komen, But Sat on Religious Outrage Over Obama's HHS Mandate

CNN's liberal bias on social issues was blatantly manifested in its coverage of two different stories over the past few weeks - Catholics vs. the Obama administration, and the liberal outrage over ...

How Dare Romney Say Obama Made Economy Worse: Reporters Rush to Prez's Defense

Reporters rush to Obama's defense: How dare Romney say Obama has made the economy worse! "It was a dubious statement, because the unemployment rate fell to precisely what it was during Mr. Obama's ...
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