Barbara Walters' Insightful Question to Michelle Obama: 'You Love' Barack, 'Don't You?'

Asking a wife if she loves her husband isn't exactly the most insightful question, but that's one of the softballs that Barbara Walters tossed to Michelle and Barack Obama during an hour long ...

View Co-Hosts Fawn Over Obama With Questions on 'Right-Wing' Fox News, iPod, Lindsay Lohan

Barack Obama on Thursday mostly breezed through an appearance on The View, enjoying questions about his iPod, Lindsay Lohan and the Jersey Shore. Liberal co-host Joy Behar railed against Fox News ...

Mo'Nique: Open Marriage Not a 'Deal Breaker'

Oscar winner endorses and discusses her open marriage on Barbara Walter's Special.

Walters Pushes Brown from the Left, Wonders if Kennedy 'Disappointed' by His Victory?

Barbara Walters began her This Week interview with Scott Brown by reciting how "at 12 you were arrested for shoplifting" and "at 22 you posed nude," before she pressed him from the left to ...

Behar: Dolls 'Programming' Tool for Young Girls

Of all the arguments against a breastfeeding doll, the 'View' panelist goes for feminism.

Walters Warns Parents Against Bruno Despite Behar's Glowing Review

Barbara Walters calls out Sacha Baron Cohen's movie for what it is.

The View Attacks Palin's Letterman Response; Behar backs Palin…Kind Of

Other panelists think governor went too far in the defense of her daughter.

'Views' from the Left

Time honors ABC's chat-fest; Walters admits liberal thought rules.

'The View' Repeats Media Myths About Catholic Church

Whoopi Goldberg asserts 'intolerance' is the greatest sin.

Joy Behar: Obama Picking Rick Warren Like 'Cheney in Charge of Gun Control'

View co-hosts analyze president-elect's choice of pastor for inaugural invocation.
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