Martin Bashir and Bernie Sanders Agree: Hike Taxes on Wealthy and Oil Companies

MSNBC's Martin Bashir has only been on the job for a few days, but the newly-minted anchor is already letting his liberal flag fly. On his eponymous program on Thursday, Bashir was dumbfounded as ...

NBC's Todd Calls Liberal Senators Lieberman and Sanders Ideological 'Polar Opposites'

Only in the mind of a liberal media journalist would Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Sen. Bernie Sanders be considered ideological "polar opposites," but that's what NBC's Chuck Todd, during a piece ...

Vermont Senator Rips Fox News, Demands Progressive TV Network

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders tells MSNBC 'progressive' media structure lacking, blames struggles of 'civil rights issue' ObamaCare on 'right-wing talk radio.'

Vermont Senator: Health Insurance Firms Should Be 'Afraid' of Government

Sen. Bernie Sanders launches attack on healthcare industry, and admits companies should fear prospect of 'a strong Medicare-type public plan.'
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