Maher Brings Aboard Moyers Who's Glad He Has 'Confederate Money' in Case Gingrich Wins

To Bill Maher's delight, Bill Moyers charged "the delusional fringe has come in from the margin and runs" the Republican Party before he alleged Newt Gingrich is "playing the race card" and so, he ...

Hard-Left PBS Vet Bill Moyers Returns, to Fulsome Praise from the Times

Reporter Elizabeth Jensen's fulsome tribute to lefty public TV sage Bill Moyers: "...much will carry over from the old program, including Mr. Moyers's thoughtful interviews with thinkers who ...

The Times Salutes Bill Moyers, Hard-Left 'Lion of PBS,' Finds Few Critics

The paper's usual labeling imbalance was on display in how it treated left-wing vs right-wing critics of PBS.

Moyers Blasts Chamber of Commerce, Insurance Industry

PBS host complains that both are greedy; state health care industry says 'to hell with consumers.'

Tanenhaus Sees Conservatives in "Rigor Mortis" Despite Tea Parties, Floats Conspiracy Theory on Bush v. Gore

Times editor Sam Tanenhaus, author of "The Death of Conservatism," insists to Bill Moyers that the massive protests against Obama may be "overt signs of energy and vitality, but the rigor mortis I ...

PBS's Moyers: Forget Compromise on ObamaCare, Defeat Would 'Reinvigorate' Democratic Party

Former White House press secretary says president would be better served going down swinging than reach any deal that would better health care.

Hypocrisy Flashback: Media Liberals Saluted Anti-Bush Dissent

With the Obama administration and their friends in the media denouncing the sometimes loud dissent that liberals are facing in town hall meetings on health care, it's worth recalling how some of ...

Bill Moyers Indicts Limbaugh, Others for 'Inciting Riots in the Public Mind'

PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers unleashed his anger at Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio hosts on Friday night's Bill Moyers Journal, suggesting they "scream like martyrs being ...

PBS and Health-Care Hypocrites

Bill Moyers shared the story of former insurance company spokesman-turned-socialist Wendell Potter - but covered up his new radical-left employer, and just how much Moyers helped that employer.
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