Befuddled Bill Press Wants to Go Back to the Clinton Era 'Tax Cuts' That Were Actually Tax Increases

Bill Press appeared on Fox News' Geraldo At Large, on Sunday night, as part of a discussion about whether the Bush era tax cuts would be extended and the former CNN host couldn't get his story ...

'Small-Government Conservative' Scarborough Favors Federal Intervention On Distracted Driving, Raising Driving Age to 18

The co-hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe pleaded with the Secretary of Transportation Tuesday for federally mandated devices in cars that would scramble cell phone reception, as well as for raising the ...

Bill Press on Midterms: 'The Voters Have Spoken. What a Bunch of Idiots.'

Bill Press says what most liberals in the media will only shroud in cryptic code: the voters who swept Democrats out of power in the House are stupid: "Just once ' probably never get reelected if ...

Bill Press: Liberals Have No TV Network, No Op-Ed Pages

Apparently liberal radio gabber Bill Press has never read the New York Times, or watched a single TV news program.
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