BonusGate? 'If You're Mad at Wall Street Look at Some of These Regulators'

Regulators in charge of failed banks got big bonuses. Don't hold your breath waiting for the media outrage.

'Clueless' Obama's Lost Krugman: 'We're Doomed'

Liberal columnist Paul Krugman reads Obama's interview with Business Week involving big bonuses for Wall Street CEOs and asks, "how is it possible, at this late date, for Obama to be this clueless?"

ABC's Robin Roberts Lauds Pay Czar for Slamming CEOs: 'We Can Feel the Fire in Your Belly''

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts didn't even try for objectivity on Wednesday when she talked to pay czar Kenneth Feinberg about his attempts to stop AIG CEOs from receiving bonuses. "We ...

'World News' Plays Populism Card: Bashes Wall St. Bonuses; Ignores Fannie, Freddie

ABC correspondent Stephanie Sy pits unemployed, mortgage-paying Americans against Wall Street executives.

Networks Downplay $42 Million in 'Outrageous' Bonuses, 'Unlimited' Bailout of Fannie, Freddie

Journalists critical of pay at bailed out banks muster only 175 words to report compensation of Fannie execs.

'Today' Slams Citi for Trying to Switch from Bonuses to Salary Hikes

NBC uses 'greed' clip from well-known anti-'Wall Street' film, unemployed Michigan woman to criticize banks return to profitability.

Fox News Host Beck Slams Connecticut AG: 'You are an Insult to George Washington'

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal admits bonuses are not against the law, but 'should be.'

Times Forgets Sen. Dodd Is a Democrat

There was only one thing missing from the paper's front-page story on the backlash against Sen. Chris Dodd's A.I.G. bonus-guarantees: His Democratic party affiliation.

Santelli: AIG Bonuses Only Millions, Let's Focus on Billions and Trillions

Outspoken CNBC Chicago floor reporter questions populist, political outrage over $165 million bonus paid to bailed out executives.

Congress and Excess

Outrage burst forth from lawmakers in Washington when the story broke that insurance giant AIG still planned to dole out $165 million in bonuses to executives while it teeters near bankruptcy, ...
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