The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010

Journalists' tall tales included praising GM for 'keeping faith' with taxpayers, comparing soda to cocaine, and attacking the Chamber of Commerce over baseless 'foreign money' claims.

While Interviewing Dem Congressman, ABC, CBS Keep the Focus Off Obama, on BP

Democratic Congressman Ed Markey appeared on ABC and CBS's morning shows on Monday to talk about the Gulf Coast oil spill and didn't face a single question about the government's handling of the ...

Former Thatcher Adviser Rips Obama for Using BP Spill Against UK

Lord Monckton sees 'a deliberate hostility' toward Britain and Gulf oil spill being used to promote climate legislation.

BP spends $455,000 on ads in Washington Post Just in June

Despite criticizing company's 'corporate spending,' WaPo prints 17 BP full-page ads in one month.

WaPo Slams BP for Corporate Contributions

Report highlights contributions to 'pro-business' groups, ignores campaign funds given to Obama

The Oil Spill Problem is on the Links, not the Waves

Hayward is a fall-guy for the Duffer-in-Chief.

Mother Jones' Corn Says BP Oil Spill Great for Democrats

Liberal magazine reporter explains portraying GOP as pro-BP will score Dems electoral points

Think Progress Won't Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Attack

Blogger argues validity of Emanuel attack on GOP since controversial comments by Joe Barton are 'evidenced' in a Republican Study Committee statement.

Network Morning Shows Rage Against BP CEO's Yachting Trip, Ignore Obama's Golf Outing

All three morning shows on Monday railed against BP CEO Tony Hayward for attending a yachting race in England on Saturday, but they found no such anger for Barack Obama's golf outing on the same ...

ABC's Tapper: White House Hails A 'Good Week' After 'Gift' From Joe Barton

On Friday's Good Morning America on ABC, White House correspondent Jake Tapper described White House reaction to Republican Congressman Joe Barton calling BP's $20 billion escrow fund the result ...
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