Obama Courts the Glitz Elite

As Democrats mock Romney for being rich, Obama courts the very rich and very famous among the entertainment elite in New York and Los Angeles.

Jan Brewer Vs. Shoe-Tossing Journalist

The anchormen were horrified that someone dared to point a finger at President Obama. These same journalists were downright amused when an Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at President Bush's head.

The Double Standard on 'Hoes'

Don Imus was fired by CBS and MSNBC for jokingly saying 'nappy-headed hoes.' But rapper Nicki Minaj can say that and the N-word and the Imus Firing Squad of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton says nothing.

Media Research Center Announces $5 Million Campaign Exposing Media Bias

Media Research Center Announces $5 Million Campaign Exposing Media Bias

Obama vs. Catholics

So when to the TV networks notice that Team Obama has an ideological agenda against faith-based charitable organizations, most especially the Catholic Church? Across the country, Democrats have ...

Colbert's Egotism Isn't Fake

Some self-aggrandizing comedians on Comedy Central are constantly stepping off the sidelines and attempting to participate in, not just ridicule, political campaigns.

Mark Levin Deserves a Turn on TV

Why can't Levin discuss his book on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or NPR - places where leftists like Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman our honored as greats?

Hollywood's Snotty Day In Court

Will the Supreme Court grant Hollywood's demands and shred any regulation of nudity or profanity on broadcast TV? The networks said it is "not our burden" to make any rules for themselves.

Unseat These Atrocious Moderators

A historically shameless Clinton spin controller like George Stephanopoulos should never moderate a Republican primary debate - ever.

Santorum vs. The Meat Grinder

Rick Santorum's surprisingly close finish to Romney in Iowa guarantees the media will expect him to get brutally "vetted" like every other not-Romney.
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