Occupy's Celebrity One-Percent Backers

Occupy Wall Street organizers claim to stand against the "One Percent," but they conveniently ignore the massive wealth of celebrities among their supporters.

Profanity and Pop Music

Even NPR's music critic declared that 2011's "boundary-breaking" musicians underlined how "21st century pop music is very dirty."

2012: A Year of Media Savagery

Since the Obama machine can't run on the fairy dust of Hope and Change, they'll launch one of the most scorching personal assaults on the GOP nominee the country has ever witnessed.

Cultural Winners and Losers, 2011

The entertainment year was worsened by Lady Gaga, "Glee," "Skins," "The Playboy Club," and a picture book titled "Go The F*** to Sleep."

The Year of Krugman Thuggishness

The Nobel Prize-winning New York Times columnist matched the prize's namesake. He threw rhetorical dynamite at anything in the way of his radical worldview.

Yes, There Are Christmas Haters

Hollywood is willing to give the people what they need at Christmas: mockery of Jesus, Santa Claus, the Pope, priests, and the blind.

Newt vs. The Ruling Class

GOP power pundits and the media elite want to dismiss Gingrich as a zany extremist. I think they're stuck in the past.

MTV, Both Sleazy and Sour

It is a testimony to feminism that in today's post-feminist entertainment media, part of what makes television so corrosive and sour is just how piggish the women have become.

Loathing Conservative Christian Candidates

A new study from the MRC's Culture and Media Institute found a huge difference in TV coverage of the religious faith of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates. Does that surprise anyone?

Hollywood's Soda-Pop Statism

Former entertainment executive Laurie David went to The Huffington Post to propose a "Thanksgiving Conversation Starter: Is It Time to Ban Soda Ads on Prime Time Television?"
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