Let's Kill Cain's Campaign

Liberal reporters feel Herman Cain is no Bill Clinton. So there's no reason to delay adultery charges. They rushed on the air with the claims, followed by sneering political death notices.

Rewarding Rotten Ricky Gervais

Cross the gay lobby and you're fired. Thank God for "making you an atheist" on national TV...and you get hired.

Pouncing on Pepper Spray

The TV networks all rushed to spotlight the latest publicity from Occupy Wall Street: University of California-Davis students getting pepper-sprayed after defying police. They really wanted to ...

(Almost) Nothing's Sacred

It's not just Christmas that Hollywood likes to mock. It's every traditional value. But that doesn't mean Hollywood doesn't have its own rigid speech code.
Media Research Center

NPR vs. 'Minstrel' Cain

Public broadcasters and black leftists cannot tolerate a black conservative questioning how the policies of the Left have worked for blacks. So Herman Cain must be forced off stage.

No 'Glee' for Virginity

Fox's musical show devoted an entire episode to setting up and celebrating the shedding of virginity of four teenagers.

Thanking An Old Friend

As Boone Pickens nears a billion dollars in philanthropy, Occupied Do-Nothings bash the One Percent without thought.

Herman's High-Tech Lynching

Herman Cain, like Clarence Thomas before him, is to be ruined by sex-harassment charges. This, from the same media that showed almost no interest in rape charges against Bill Clinton.

Protests Turn Violent, But Media Stay Syrupy

Network anchors whose salaries put them in that top One Percent are willing to promote these Occupy Wall Street protests even as they've turned ugly and violent against the police.

The Anti-God Book, by 'God'

The longtime head writer of 'The Daily Show' drew raves for writing a 'blithely blasphemous' satire of the Almighty, and a smear of Christian ministers who don't toe the social-liberal line.
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