Time to Cut Off NPR

A fire-breathing spokeswoman for the "Occupy DC" protests against capitalism was also an NPR host. It's time to stop bankrolling this rogue political operation.

'Reality Shows' Distort the World

A new study shows "reality show" watchers from 11 to 17 think the world is a much meaner, cruder place...and they think the "reality" TV product is "mainly real and unscripted."

A Green Whitewash

Most Americans could still be fooled into thinking Solyndra is a new laundry detergent, not a failed solar energy company that took a half-billion dollars in Obama "green job" loans and went belly up.

Hollywood vs. Emilio Estevez

While Hollywood wants noisy, violent movies or perverted comedies, Estevez comes into his own as a producer, writer, and director with his movie "The Way," telling a beautiful story about death, ...

Protesters Occupy The Liberal Media

The crowd plotting to Occupy Wall Street drew more broadcast TV news stories in the first nine days than the Tea Party attracted in the first nine months. Protesters on the Left are always much ...

'Playboy Club' Collapses

NBC's attempt at a glamorized Hugh Hefner bunny den in Sixties Chicago flopped badly and was canceled after three weeks. So why on earth would NBC work so heard to promote this pornographic brand?

Rick's Rock vs. Reverend Wright

The Washington Post demonstrates that their appetite to investigate campaign front-runners is all about whether they're liberals or conservatives. Rick Perry's painted rocks trump Barack Obama's ...

Unzipping the Male 'X Factor'

The disturbing new trend of the TV season is...dangling male genitalia, hidden behind graphic effects.

An Ugly Sunrise for Republicans

Network morning shows pounded Republican presidential candidates with liberal questions. But four years ago, these shows asked Democratic contenders...liberal questions.

Bozell Demands Network "News" Programs Stop Assault On GOP Presidential Candidates

MRC 9-Month Study Shows 5-to-1 Bias in Morning Show Questions to Candidates This Cycle
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