Charlie Sheen Roasts and Boasts

Comedy Central took on Charlie Sheen with a "roast" that was a merciless bonfire of ferocity. But they didn't package this so you would pity Sheen. You were supposed to envy him.

Airing Anti-Palin Bilge at NBC

NBC doesn't have an evidence standard when it's conservatives being gored. Author Joe McGinniss was out to destroy Sarah Palin and NBC rolled out the red carpet. With liberals, it's a different story.

Pageants and Prosti-tots

Who had less sense, parents or TV programmers? TLC aired a show with a three-year-old beauty-pageant contestant named Paisley dressed as the Julia Roberts prostitute character in the 1990 film ...

Brian Williams, Shameless Partisan

The contrast was jaw-dropping between Williams roaring like a lion at the Reagan Library GOP debate, and then bowing like a lamb to Obama at the White House three days later.

Dancing With The Lecturers

If Chaz Bono were going to perform on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" as a man, with no reference to her actual gender, then ABC wouldn't be offering an "educational" opportunity. Have no doubt she ...

Skipping Violent Talk on the Left

The same media that mercilessly attacked conservatives after the Giffords shooting is now skipping liberal talk of "taking out" SOBs and "killing" Romney.

MTV's Missing 'Pants'

MTV followed up its very popular Video Music Awards telecast with a sneak peek at yet another scripted sex-and-youth show titled "I Just Want My Pants Back."

Politicizing Hurricanes, Again

Liberals used Hurricane Irene to boast that natural disasters remind us "how essential our government is." Nonsense. It reminds us how essential personal responsibility is.

Bravo's Plan: To Exploit Suicide for Ratings

The suicide by hanging of Russell Armstrong, the husband of one of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," is only the latest in a series of deaths of "reality TV" stars. Bravo hopes to ...

NPR: The Statism Network

NPR "celebrated" Martin Luther King by asking Julian Bond if the Tea Party's opposition to the Obama agenda had a "racial subtext," and that was only part of one very biased newscast.
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