Sinking Into 'Adult Swim'

Lots of children watch "Adult Swim" on the Cartoon Network, a bloc of vile cartoons loaded with profane talk of sex and drugs that now begins at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central.

Fear and Loathing of Bachmann

There is a War on Michele developing, and it's being waged by the left-wing press. They despise this woman.

Jesus Is Not a Serial Killer

The pay-cable channel Showtime is shameless enough to cloak its most perverted programming in the terminology of Christianity.

Tea Party Blame and Fairy Tales

The liberal media and John Kerry blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade is like blaming the Betty Ford clinic for alcoholism.

NBC Leans on Playboy

NBC's new series "The Playboy Club" isn't about female empowerment. It's about pornifying the culture, promoting the Playboy brand as sexy and sophisticated. And it's about NBC pushing the ...

Brian Williams vs. The Tea Party

You can tell the liberals are really sweating the politics of the debt-limit talks when NBC puts on a special Dateline NBC devoted to politics. It's just too bad anchor Brian Williams forgot he ...

When The Plot Is Runny

They say the movie theaters make more money on popcorn, candy, and soft drinks than they do on the movie tickets. If that's true, theater owners really ought to reconsider the previews they're ...

The Hate-GOP Machine

President Obama has offered but attacks and finger-pointing, yet the public seems to fault Republicans more than Democrats on the debt impasse. Why? It's because of the ceaseless, shameless, and ...

Obama Lies About His Mom, Networks Yawn

Barack Obama repeatedly campaigned in 2008 with a personal story - including at the convention and the fall debates - that his mother couldn't get insurance for her terminal cancer. It was a lie. ...

TLC's Lobbying Show

The TLC "reality" show "Sister Wives" has been an exercise in promoting polygamy for two seasons. Now, naturally, the star and his four "spiritual wives" are suing in Utah to have its polygamy ban ...
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