Who's Burning Down D.C.?

The standard media line on the debt-limit talks is a matchup of reasonable President Obama versus an extremist set of barn-burning, china-breaking Republicans.

The 'Innocence Snuff Film'

Actor David Schwimmer's promoting a new movie he's directed about sexual abuse of a 14-year-old. But sadly, he cast an actual 14-year-old actress in that very challenging part.

The Zero-Blame Game

CBS News kept turning out stories about poor people in California going without an increase in their government benefits - even though they completely ignored the names of Governor Jerry Brown and ...

Games Judges Don't Play

The Supreme Court ruled that California can't mandate that children can't buy "Mature" video games without a parent. They rejected the notion of social responsibility by the video game-makers.

Jon Stewart vs. Fox Facts

In the real world, outside the smug bubble of Jon Stewart, people should know Fox News viewers are better informed than Stewart's viewers.

Even Bedtime Stories Get Profane

The mass-marketing of profanity just won't stop. Now's it topping the best-selling book list - in children's picture books.

Palin Movie vs. Media Mythology

The maker of a new documentary on Sarah Palin is so optimistic that he aims to win over the liberal media.

Playing Hardball on Softball

A gay softball league insists that "inclusion" has its limits: they need to throw out the "straight ringers" who are ruining their games.

Liberalism Lite With Ann Curry

Who will be the public face of soft and marshmallowy News Lite in Liberal Land now that Katie Couric's gone? Try new NBC Today co-host Ann Curry.

Viacom's Endless Violations

In the midst of Weinergate, MTV worked overtime to make crotch-grabbing just another acceptable part of the cultural scenery.
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