"Common" Nonsense

The rapper known as "Common" was invited to spout poetry before the president and First Lady. Celebrating cop killers is not being honored at the People's House.

Bozell Column: Fact-Challenged Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz doesn't just have a civility problem on television. He has an honesty problem. Remarkably untrue statements just flow out of his mouth.

Bozell Column: Osama's Controversial Aftermath

We don't need to release a photo of Osama bin Laden. It won't please the conspiracy theorists. But why aren't the "freedom of the press" groups going nuclear over Obama's (correct) decision?

Bozell Column: Media Credit for Bush?

With Osama bin Laden vanquished, Obama made no generous bow to George W. Bush. Neither did the media, despite their past vile suggestions of collusion between Team Bush and al-Qaeda.

MTV's Crotch Profits

Viacom's profits are up over sleazy MTV reality shows like "Jersey Shore." Now the second season of MTV's teen comedy "The Hard Times of R.J. Berger" has centered an episode on a female teacher ...

Eliot 'I'm Not Biased' Spitzer: 'I Don't Think There Is Any Such Thing as Objectivity'

In an interview with FishbowlNY Wednesday, CNN's Eliot Spitzer dismissed any claim to objectivity in his reporting and wouldn't say whether he regarded himself as a commentator or a journalist. ...

Bozell Column: Obama Unloved, Here and Abroad

Obama's poll ratings are collapsing, but major newspapers like The Washington Post are burying them inside the paper. Whatever happened to the notion that Obama would heal the globe?

An Easter Bonnet of Mud

Our secular media culture has no reverence for the Christian holidays. Instead, they're an occasion for the most indulgent irreverence and mockery.

Bozell Column: David Brooks, You're Fired

If conservatives can't get any spending cuts for NPR or PBS, there's one symbolic victory we'd like: stop letting pro-Obama pundit David Brooks be the "conservative" on taxpayer-funded television.
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