Buttressing Buffett: For 10 Years, the Liberal Media Championed Billionaire's Tax Increase Agenda

President Barack Obama's nicknaming his new tax increases on the wealthy the "Warren Buffett rule" is fitting since the billionaire has spent a decade campaigning for a tax hike, a campaign his ...

NBC Interrupts 9-11 Commemoration to Scold Iraq War

Just as they did right after the killing of Osama bin Laden back in May, NBC's Brian Williams and Richard Engel interrupted Sunday morning's ceremonies marking the tenth annivesary of the 9/11 ...

Brian Williams, Shameless Partisan

The contrast was jaw-dropping between Williams roaring like a lion at the Reagan Library GOP debate, and then bowing like a lamb to Obama at the White House three days later.
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MRC Study: CNN's Tea Party Debate More Fair Than NBC News/Politico Hatchet Job

A review of the 54 total debate questions asked by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and the Politco's John Harris to the Republican candidates shows that 25 of them came from the left, ...

After Hitting GOP Candidates from Left, NBC's Williams Presses Obama from Left

A few days after he hit Republicans from the left when he moderated a presidential candidates debate on MSNBC, NBC's Brian Williams pressed President Barack Obama with the concerns of Obama ...

Brian Williams Wonders When Obama Will 'Channel His Inner Harry Truman'

Appearing on Monday's NBC Today to preview his exclusive interview with President Obama, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams revealed some of his softball questions: "I went on to ask him when he's ...

NBC Debate Moderators Pepper Republicans with Questions from the Left

NBC's Brian Williams and Politico's John Harris peppered the NBC News/Politico debate inside the Air Force One pavilion at the Reagan Library with questions from the left, repeatedly pressing the ...
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Brian Williams Vs. Tea Party Conservatives

GOP Debate Moderator Has Long History of Admiring Obama and Badgering Republicans from the Left
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