David Herszenhorn Warns 'How Much Worse' Things May Get If Brit-Style 'Budget Guillotine Falls Here'

Reporter David Herszenhorn reveals his big-government mindset, seeing only the bad side of potential budget cuts: "And for Americans still furious over the weak economic recovery, the obvious ...

CBS 'Early Show' Ignores Astronaut Criticism of Obama's Space Program Cuts

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, fill-in news reader Betty Nguyen reported on President Obama's new plan to cut back America's space program, but failed to mention sharp criticism by astronauts Neil ...

An "Extraordinarily Deep" 3% Cut in California School Budget?

Pro-tax reporter Jennifer Steinhauer warned about budget-cutting talks in California: "Details emerging from the talks suggested that the deal would require extraordinarily deep cuts to school ...

Front-Page Story Gets Nostalgic for Summer School

Education reporter Sam Dillon doesn't question using the economic "stimulus" money for funding summer school classes facing the budget ax.

Beck Slams California Tax Hike Proposition, Calls for Real Budget Cuts

Fox News Channel host criticizes Schwarzenegger's fear tactics, proposes cuts to sea otters and migrant day care instead of releasing prisoners.

CNN Reporter Touts Obama Fiscal Responsibility: Obama 'Serious About Cutting Back'

Administration lauded for reportedly cutting drop-in-the-bucket $100 million from $3.5 trillion budget.

Another Overheated Budget Cut Story by Eric Eckholm

From Sunday's front page: "States Slashing Social Programs For Vulnerable."

"Obama-Style Optimism" in Governors' Mansions?

William Yardley found a "staunch fiscal conservative" governor, but no liberal ones.

CNN's Gupta: A Surgeon General Who Backs an Obesity Tax?

Obama has tapped Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who warned viewers about the danger of eating iPhones and supported a San Francisco plan to tax 'cheap' corn products.

ABC Worries Economy Could Slim Government

'World News' laments Rhode Island's budget cuts, fails to show how tax policy, spending could be improved.
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