Oh, So That's Why He Did It

Reporter Jackie Calmes "scrambles" to portray John McCain as desperate on economic issues.

Left-Wing Columnist Heather Mallick's "Humor": Comparing Palin to Porn Actress

Times reporter Ian Austen might want to get his sense of humor checked.

Smarties for Obama, Heckling Hicks for Palin

Obama supporters are "the sort of crowd that can cite chapter and verse of Medicaid waivers without notes." Palin supporters are media-heckling racists.

Larry Rohter's Most Completely Anti-McCain "Fact Check" Yet

Pro-Obama talking points disguised as objective fact-checking.

Public Editor Ludicrously Argues Obama Coverage Tougher

Clark Hoyt's narrow definition helpfully skips over clear double standards of coverage when it comes to scandals, gaffes, and race issues.

Nagourney Recites NYT Talking Points on Obama's "Sporadic Encounters" with Terrorist Ayers

Plus: Apparently only Times reporter Adam Nagourney is allowed to use Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein."

Supreme Labeling Imbalance: Still No Liberals to Be Found

Patrick Healy's piece on the future of the Supreme Court is actually a sharp improvement over a previous Times story that labeled "conservatives" on 18 occasions and liberals not once.

Double Standard: Obama Surge Newsworthy, McCain Comeback Ignored

Obama's lead rising from five points to nine? Big story. Obama's lead cut back from nine to four? No mention at all.

Yeah! Another Red State for Obama

First North Carolina, then Virginia - now add Florida to the list of Red states where the Times is cheering Obama on.
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