Times Accuses Group of Anti-Obama "Lies" on Abortion - But They're Right

The Times throws out the L-word against a group that wants to air a commercial accusing Obama of being a proponent of abortion on demand. But Obama has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, ...

Times Watches ABC Talk Show "The View," Finds Liberal Slant

The paper reverses its previous opinion that the show was "generally friendly territory for politicians." Plus: Barbara Walters claims "I don't think anyone knows my political opinions." Really now?

Watch Your Back, Barack: McCain Will "Distort" Your Views in Debate

Reporter Katharine Seelye warns that John McCain is "handy with the rhetorical shiv" in debates and tells Obama to expect to have his views distorted by McCain.

Times Watch Director Hits Anti-McCain Bias on Fox News

Clay Waters detailed the paper's liberal slant for Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer on Tuesday morning.

McCain vs. the NYT: It's On!

The McCain campaign again makes the New York Times an issue: "It is a pro-Obama advocacy organization that every day attacks the McCain campaign, attacks Senator McCain, attacks Governor Palin, ...

Keller on "Petty" Palin; McCain Guilty of "Demonstrable Falsehoods"

From the horse's mouth: Political editor Richard Stevenson tells the Public Editor that John McCain is guilty of "demonstrable falsehoods," while Executive Editor Bill Keller accuses Sarah Palin ...

"Free Market Fealty" from GOP? We Wish

Plus: Headline writers try to sizzle Bush and free markets, but the stories themselves hold their liberal fire.

Times Mimics Post in Bashing of McCain's Ad Linking Obama to Franklin Raines

Julie Bosman says a McCain claim linking Obama to former Fannie Mae Executive Director Frankling Raines "is totally unsupported by the facts." Her takes rehashes a previous story by the Washington ...

Zernike's Flawed Fact-Checking of Sarah Palin

Kate Zernike complains about lack of access to Palin and says: "She sticks to her script, even when the facts are in dispute."

The Times Misses the Lovable Loser McCain

Adam Nagourney, hypersensitive to attacks on Democrats: "...most notable are the dizzying cascade of attacks on Mr. Obama, who seems to have come to consume Mr. McCain..."
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