McCain's "Fundamentals of the Economy" Flub: A Revisionist View

Today the Times points to John McCain's statement as a gaffe that "fundamentally altered the dynamic of the race." But one Times writer characterized the resulting criticism as a "cheap shot."

President Obama Suck-Up Alert: First Entry, Reporter Rachel Swarns

It's gonna be a long four years: "In a country long divided, Mr. Obama had a singular appeal: he is biracial and Ivy League educated; a stirring speaker who shoots hoops and quotes the theologian ...

Not Everything Went the Times' Way on Election Night....

Wishful thinking about Democratic wins in Florida, Kentucky, and Mississippi failed to pan out.

Surprise: Liberal Columnist Kristof Acknowledges Media Bias

"But on the social issues - gun control, abortion, gay marriage, religion - I'm not sure we're that even-handed....Journalists move easily in the world of business Republicans, less easily in the ...

"At Times the Contest Grew Ugly..."

One guess which party reporter Michael Cooper blames.

Obama Wins IN, VA, NH, NM? Bad for McCain. McCain Wins PA? Anti-Obama Racism

Double standards on the front page on Election Day from Katharine Seelye. While Obama wins in Indiana, Virginia, and other states would be a "disaster" for McCain, a McCain win in Pennsylvania ...

One Last Biased Glance Backward Before Election Day

Frank Bruni: "In Philadelphia in March, Mr. Obama delivered a set-piece speech that sought to do nothing less than explain centuries of racial enmity and move Americans past it...In recent weeks, ...

Did McCain Really "Tolerate Insults and Threats" of Obama?

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller also paints a distorted picture of John McCain's "devastated" reaction to Rep. John Lewis comparing him to segregationist George Wallace.

One Last Time: Defending Obama's Ties to Jeremiah ("God Damn America") Wright

Lame excuse for Obama from Michael Falcone: "After Sept. 11, 2001, [Rev. Jeremiah] Wright delivered a sermon suggesting that the terrorist attacks were a consequence of American foreign policy. ...

The Times Finds Conservative Strongholds Everywhere It Goes

Question for Times reporters: Is there any part of Missouri that's not a "conservative bastion"?
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