McCain's Push for (White) Votes in Philly

Katharine Seelye underlines McCain's alleged racial appeals: "As the Republicans try to map out ways in which Mr. McCain could pull off an upset, they see fertile ground in some enclaves in ...

Obama's Sleazy Online Donations: Still Just Internet Rumors at the NYT

The Obama campaign is ignoring basic security measures to stop illegal donations, but the scandal has yet to make the newspaper.

Still Protecting Obama's Radical Pal, Rashid Khalidi

For the second day in a row, the Times goes into defensive mode over radically anti-Israel professor and Obama pal Rashid Khalidi, who has defended killing Israeli soldiers in the name of ...

(Almost) Everyone Rejoice! Obama's Giving You a Tax Cut

Emphasizing Obama's populist appeal, while burying his tax hike for those making over $250,000 a year.

McCain's "Joe the Plumber" Flop; An NYT Photo Flop

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller lingered lovingly over a McCain campaign flub involving no-show Joe the Plumber, a story accompanied by a photo of McCain talking only to himself. Obama, by contrast, ...

Ignoring Rashid Khalidi's Anti-Israeli Radicalism

An Obama friend who the Times calls merely "critical of Israel" has actually defended attacks against armed Israelis.

Black Vote + Rage Over Max Cleland = Saxby Chambliss Loss?

The Times is still spreading the myth of Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss's 2002 ad against Democratic hero Sen. Max Cleland, and looking toward a Chambliss loss in Georgia next week.

Sprightly Obama, Slogging McCain

Compare and contrast: "As he races across the country in the climax of a marathon campaign, Senator Barack Obama has honed a final message calling on America to 'turn the page'..." vs. "In these ...

Desperate McCain Reduced to Calling Obama a "Redistributionist"

Katharine Seelye: "You know a campaign is reaching when it starts calling the opponent a 'redistributionist,' as Mr. McCain said of 'Barack the wealth-spreader.'"

Still Waiting for Cuban-Americans to Forget Fidel and Vote Democrat

More hopeful thinking that Miami's Cuban-American community will drop its obsession with Communist dictator Fidel Castro: "A victory by any of the Democrats could bring to Washington a new ...
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