Frank Rich Defends White America Against McCain-Palin's Racist Appeals

Frank Rich defends white Americans, now that they're supporting Obama: "Such human nuances are lost on conservative warriors of the Allen-McCain-Palin ilk. They see all Americans as only white or ...

NYT: Everyone Loves Michelle Obama; Her "Proud" Gaffe Needs Context

Patrick Healy is quick to put Michelle Obama's "proud of America" gaffe in context and suggest it's a discredited charge. The Times didn't give Cindy McCain quite that kind of consideration.

McCain Campaign "Stoking" Unjust Fears of Vote Fraud

Katharine Seelye: McCain's comments "threw another log onto a fire already burning in the conservative blogosphere and on talk radio..."

Scary Religious Conservatives Battling Gay Marriage in California

A "wind-whipped wildfire" of religious conservatives are battling gay marriage in California "in stunningly apocalyptic terms," reports Laurie Goodstein.

Gov. Palin's Scary "Spiritual Warfare"

Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein forwarded a story on Palin's religion that's been circulating on left-wing blogs and cites a website that ran an article calling the governor's beliefs ...

CNN Host, Bush-Bashing Comedian "Hard to Place" on Political Spectrum

Neither the Times nor CNN's president Jon Klein remember new variety-show host D.L. Hughley's anti-Bush rants.

Bill Ayers an "Ex-Radical" Who "Hardly Resembled" an "Unrepentant Terrorist"

Colin Moynihan goes to see Ayers in Manhattan: "While describing his views on education and social justice, Mr. Ayers hardly resembled the unrepentant terrorist that his critics have sought to ...

McCain Attacks on "Obama's Patriotism" Making "Old Advisers Wince"

David Kirkpatrick on McCain: "His campaign has pelted his rival with attacks that make some of his old advisers wince, like questioning Mr. Obama's patriotism or tying him to 'a domestic terrorist.'"

So Much for News: NYT Runs Three Gossip Items on Palin's Wardrobe

More vital info from the paper of record: "The blog,, fueled the speculation by e-mailing the Witthuhns a video of Ms. Kline, and Mr. Witthuhn said he was 'pretty sure it's her! ...

Predictable: NYT Endorses Obama. Pathetic: NYT Accuses McCain of Racism

Please: "Senator John McCain of Arizona has retreated farther and farther to the fringe of American politics, running a campaign on partisan division, class warfare and even hints of racism."
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