'Fiercely Conservative' Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

Plus: Obama's dithering is actually "leadership," and Frank Rich in modes both gruesome and pathetic.

Adam Nagourney Also Dismisses NJ, VA Dems as Lousy Candidates, Sparing Obama

In a podcast, chief political reporter Adam Nagourney throws Democrats under the bus, leaving Obama and his agenda blameless: "Is that really surprising, that they didn't show up to vote for ...

Gail Collins Desperately Throwing VA, NJ Democrats Under the Bus to Aid Obama

Columnist Gail Collins desperately wants to convince people that the big Democratic losses in New Jersey and Virginia last Tuesday don't have the slightest thing to do with Barack Obama or his agenda.

Nagourney: Don't Let Election Results Fool You, G.O.P. Still Has Problems

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney continues to forward liberal conventional wisdom on the impact of the Republican victories of Election 2009.

The G.O.P.'s 'Embarrassing Loss' in Upstate New York?

Which party was "embarrassed" by Tuesday night's election results? You may be surprised. Congressional reporter Carl Hulse: "Republicans portrayed the election outcome as a repudiation of ...

Adam Nagourney Encapsulates Liberal Conventional Wisdom on Election 2009

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney modeled the paper's conventional wisdom on Campaign 2009 perfectly, emphasizing all three of the Times' campaign themes: The Republicans won by appearing ...

GOP Won With Moderation, Is Ripping Itself Apart, & These Elections Don't Even Matter (Unless Dems Win)

Coverage of the governors' races in New Jersey and Virginia and the congressional race in New York was dominated by three themes: The Republicans won by appearing moderate; there are deep ...

Times Focuses on Gallup Poll Showing Palin Unpopularity, Ignored Drops by Obama, John Edwards

The Times still doesn't miss a chance to go after Sarah Palin: "The endorsement comes just a week after a Gallup poll found that Mrs. Palin's favorability had dipped to its lowest point since she ...
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