MSNBC's Shuster Remembers Left-Wing Activist 'Granny D' As 'An American Treasure'

In his "Notebook" segment at the end of the 3PM ET hour on MSNBC Wednesday, anchor David Shuster took a moment to commemorate the passing of a "hero" of his, well-known liberal advocate Doris ...

No Surprise: Liberal Supreme Court Reporter Linda Greenhouse Donated to Obama Campaign

Retired Times reporter Greenhouse admits donating to the Obama campaign and frets about the prospect of "seeing democracy auctioned off to the highest bidder."

Is McCain Really Inviting Outside Groups Into Campaign Fray?

If McCain is truly "inviting [527 groups] into the fray on his behalf," where are they?

The Times' Hypocritcal Defense of Political Free Speech

The Times sees a threat to free speech in the Supreme Court's ruling in a child porn case - but last year it excoriated the Supreme Court for expanding political speech.

The Times' Hypocritical Cries of Verizon's "Censorship"

A lead editorial accuses Verizon Wireless of censoring political speech - but what about the Times' editorials that call for limiting political speech before elections in the name of campaign ...
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