Veteran Newsman Demands Media Become Even More Hostile to GOP Policies

John Boehner took the outrageous step - to liberals, anyway - of insisting that any increase in the federal debt limit be accompanied by spending cuts and budget reforms. Within hours of the ...

Carl Bernstein: If the Country Was Serious About Cutting the Deficit, We'd Have a Gas Tax

Twice within the span of a few minutes on Wednesday's Morning Joe, journalist Carl Bernstein pressed for a gas tax to be implemented to help deal with the nation's budget crisis.

Carl Bernstein: Obama Inherited Worst Situation of Any President Since '30s

MSNBC's Morning Joe hosted a pity party for President Obama on Wednesday. Discussing public opinion of President Obama amidst his trials as President, liberal Watergate journalistic "legend" Carl ...

The Times Pummels Hillary Clinton Bio by Its Own Reporters - Again

Whatever happened to old-fashioned journalistic back-scratching? The Times again reviews two recent Hillary bios, and again its guest critic prefers one by former Washington Post Watergate legend ...
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