Vatican Responds to NYT Accusations Against Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal William Levada, a top Vatican official, issues a rare plea in response to Times coverage of how the Church handled several cases of alleged sexual abuse by priests, and what Joseph ...

NY Times Columnist Calls for Priests to Marry, Choosing Female Pope

Maureen Dowd joins media's appeal for liberal reforms in the Catholic Church.

CBS 'Early Show' Keeps Up Drumbeat Against Catholic Church, Pope

On Friday's CBS Early Show, news reader Betty Nguyen continued the media barrage against the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict as she proclaimed: "They are circling the wagons at the Vatican, ...

CBS's Pizzey: Child Sex Abuse 'A Plague of Biblical Proportions' in Catholic Church

On Friday's CBS Early Show correspondent Allen Pizzey made the over-the-top declaration that allegations of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church amounted to "a scandal that's threatening ...

Poland's 'Daughters of Capitalism' Sign of Post-Communist 'Moral Decadence'

In one of many ideologically loaded sentences in his story from Warsaw, reporter Dan Bilefsky claimed the movie Mall Girls" has provoked a national debate about moral decadence in this ...

Anne Hathaway Leaves Church to Media Cheers

Actress cites Catholic position on homosexuality; USA Today and The Huffington Post call the Church 'intolerant.'

Sam Elliott Blames Catholic Church for Shelving 'Golden Compass' Sequel

Actor says religious pressure, not quality or audience, did in series.

NBC Takes Up Kennedy vs. Catholic Church 'Crossing the Line' Into 'Political Blackmail'

Monday's NBC Nightly News took up the story of liberal Rep. Patrick Kennedy's public feud with the Catholic Church, and NBC's Ron Allen implied something improper in how "the Catholic Church is ...

Apostolic Visitation of American Nuns a 'Grand Jury Indictment' to ABC

How dare the Vatican concern itself with orthodoxy!
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