Obama Beats Romney in New York Times Online Headline Battle 9-0

The usual pro-Obama tilt in postings to the New York Times' political blog was even more pronounced during the week of May 21-25. As of noon Friday, out of 23 matching posts, the headlines ...

In the Two Weeks Before Horrible Election Day for Democrats, NYT's 'Caucus' Tilted 3-1 Toward the Losing Party

The Times ran 52 political briefs in its "Caucus" section over the last two weeks of the campaign, a horrible one for Democrats. Yet only six of those 52 stories were pro-Republican, while 19 ...

Advantage for Hillary? Carville Wants Primaries, Not Caucuses Due to 'Subprime Crisis'

Clinton advisor uses 'idiotic economic policies' as rationale to support vote most favorable to former first lady.

ElectionWatch: Media Ignore, Misreport 'FairTax' amid Huckabee Surge

When reporters aren't completely ignoring the proposal to overhaul the U.S. tax system, they're dismissing or mischaracterizing the FairTax.
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