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CBS News Relegates Latest In IRS Scandal To Its Website

On Tuesday, July 22, CBS News’ Stephanie Condon got around to reporting that the IRS may in fact be able to recover Lois Lerner’s missing emails despite previous claims that they were permanently ...
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Food Police Group Bashes Restaurants, CBS Eats it Up

Network website runs CSPI report including accusation and calls for regulation.

Schools Not Interested in Obama Commencement, CBS Urges Them to Get Interested

Tuesday's CBS Early Show featured a fawning story on President Obama's Race to the Top Commencement Challenge that sounded like it was written by the White House communications department. What ...

CBS Cheers Barbara Bush Supporting Gay Marriage

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, news reader Jeff Glor declared: "Former First Daughter Barbara Bush is taking a very public stand in support of same-sex marriage." After a sound bite was played of ...

CBS vs. CBS: Is Obama "Open to Ideas" or Demanding "Surrender"?

On Tuesday's CBS Evening News, Katie Couric and Chip Reid cast President Obama's push for "bipartisanship" in a favorable light: "working hard," "following through on a promise" and "open to ideas ...'s Birthday Gift to Fidel: A Story Devoid of Castro Critics

"As Castro Turns 83, Cuba Caught Between Past, Future," announces an August 13 headline for the World Watch blog. The 10-paragraph entry by Havana-based news producer Portia Siegelbaum ... Pulls Story Making Quake/Climate Link Claim

Site says it's AP, AP says it isn't ours; story identical to 'ubercrackpot' scientist's press release.
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