Shock Art and 'Social Dignity'

How many times must we relive the foolishness of art curators being "shocked" that people don't like paying for art that attacks Jesus and Christians?

Judges Find Dignity in Profanity

Federal appeals court judges in Manhattan shredded the FCC's lamely enforced rules against broadcast indecency. Profanity was somehow associated with "the most important and universal themes in ...

Ross Douthat Takes on Underplayed 'South Park' Censorship Story

Ross Douthat: "But there's still a sense in which the 'South Park' case is particularly illuminating. Not because it tells us anything new about the lines that writers and entertainers suddenly ...

'South Park,' Muhammad, and Double Standards

The creators of the Comedy Central cartoon South Park had their lives threatened by a Muslim group for insulting the prophet Muhammad, but two Times headlines said they were merely being warned." ...

Who's The Library Bully?

According to the ACLU, not displaying The Joy of Gay Sex violates the constitutional rights of library visitors.

Librarians Against, and For, Censorship

Challenging libraries to provide titles they're not stocking would turn the tables and make people realize that librarians can also be censorious in the titles they choose not to display. The mere ...

Depriving Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck of Free Speech? No Worries

The National Council of La Raza calls for an end to hate speech - as in Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity - and a Times' web journalist doesn't raise an eyebrow.
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