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NYT Reporter: Slight Reduction in Entitlement Spending 'Big Downside for Old and Poor'

Personal finance reporter Tara Siegel Bernard's latest liberal "Your Money" column shows how difficult it is to make the smallest reductions in federal spending: "President Obama has put Social ...
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NYT's Jackie Calmes Hails the 'Pragmatist in Mr. Obama' on Budget That Questions His 'Progressive' Credentials

New York Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes, an Obama fan, at first appeared to criticize his new budget by questioning his liberal – um, "progressive" – credentials, but only to later ...
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Which Way Is It, NY Times? Will Social Programs Suffer 'Cutback' or Just 'Smaller Increase'?

The deck of headlines over Friday's lead New York Times story illustrated how hard it will be for conservatives to actually reduce the national debt: "Social Programs Facing A Cutback In ...
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