The 'Intellectual Curiosity' and 'Mischievous Sense of Humor' of Murderous Che Guevara

From the obituary for violent Communist revolutionary Che Guevara's traveling companion, by reporter Victoria Burnett: "They became close friends, sharing an intellectual curiosity, a mischievous ...

CBS Review of Russell Crowe Film: 'Robin Hood Meets Che Guevara'

On CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Mark Phillips described the latest adaptation of the Robin Hood legend by director Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe: "And so here is an evil King ...

Times Blogger Rejects Hipster Affection for Che Guevara

A Times blogger calls out ignorant admirers of Che Guevara, reminding readers of Guevara's "executions when he presided over the prison at La Cabana and his apparent "willingness to have let the ...

Kudos: The Times Takes on NYC's "Fascination with Che T-Shirts"

A profile of Carmen Palaez, an anti-Castro playright: "The play was her retort to the fascination with Che T-shirts, solidarity tours to Cuba and the endless praise of the revolution's twin ...

Murderous Che Guevara Still Chic at the NYT

Che Guevara chic still reigns at the Times: The "revolutionary icon" is at least being "used to inspire the next generation of Cubans."

How Nice: "Hippocrates Meets Fidel"

Marc Lacey's provides the Cuban regime some positive PR. Plus: Does the U.S. "tar" Castro "as a dictator who suppresses his people"?
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