Lefty Crackpot Theory: Chinese Dictators Funneling Cash into Campaigns for Overseas Jobs

Radio host/MSNBC regular Mike Papantonio claims Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmann have secret donors with job-exporting agendas.

Friedman Chided for Idealizing China - By the Chinese

Thomas Friedman: "Some of my Chinese friends chide me for overidealizing China. I tell them: 'Guilty as charged.'"

Dear NY Times: Is Krugman a Luddite?

If China's monetary policy hurts American employment by lowering cost of goods, wouldn't better U.S. technology also hurt jobs because they lower cost and labor needs?

Jack Welch: China Overtaking USA in Manufacturing Much Ado about Nothing

Former GE CEO explains the Asian power produces low-end goods not essential for economic dominance.

China Investing Estimated $200 Billion in 'Imperialistic' Military to Rival U.S., Warns Pentagon Sr. Strategist

Retired Army lieutenant colonel says Chinese navy is switching from 'a defensive navy' to 'an aggressive overseas navy,' with estimated ship count of 260 ships versus 286 U.S. ships.

Delay of Cap and Trade a 'Disaster' and 'Travesty,' Columnist Friedman Despairs, 'Shame on Republicans'

Reacting to news the Obama administration wants to postpone a vote on Cap and Trade in favor of immigration reform, Times columnist Tom Friedman despaired on Sunday's Face the Nation: This is a ...

Friedman Again Hails Communist China's 'One-Party Autocracy' as Superior to American Democracy

Columnist Thomas Friedman just can't stop praising an authoritarian regime: "I've been saying for awhile Tom, there's only one thing worse than one-party autocracy, the Chinese form of government, ...

NBC Notes Obama Made Dalai Lama Sneak Out of White House Past Trash Bags

Uniquely among Friday's broadcast network evening newscasts, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams gave his viewers a photographic glimpse into the undignified exit from the White House endured ...

Newsweek: Chinese Oppression Good For Tibet

In a February 17 online article entitled "Charity Case," Newsweek's Issac Stone Fish declared: "Whether they like it or not, China has been very good for Tibetans." Fish's outrageous claim came on ...

Paulson Tells CNN: Americans 'Save too little,' 'Spend too much.'

Former treasury secretary blames crisis on overspending and 'global imbalances.'
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