CBS: World Leaders 'Relieved' Obama President Instead of Bush

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Chip Reid described the relief of world leaders at the G-8 Summit that Barack Obama was representing the United States: "...the President showed yet ...

Journalists Actually Criticize Obama's Healthcare Forum

CBS's Chip Reid joined even by liberal Helen Thomas to complain about White House media control.

Obama Pushes Gov. Health Care; ABC Responds with 'Prescription for America' Coverage from White House

Networks balance reports on AMA speech, but ABC outrages public with week of health care coverage, 'World News,' 'GMA' to be aired from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

CBS: Obama's 'Elegant Words' May Prevent 'Another D-Day'

On CBS's Sunday Morning, White House correspondent Chip Reid gave a glowing review of President Obama's overseas trip: "A trip laden with symbolism and elegant words, asking the world to look ...

CBS Offers One-Sided Analysis of GM's Bankruptcy Plan

Ignoring wasted billions, government control and UAW ownership, 'The Early Show' sings from administration's GM hymnal.

Flashback: Nets Were Quick to Tag Alito and Roberts as 'Ultra' and 'Hardline' 'Conservatives'

Network anchors and reporters didn't hesitate to apply strong ideological labels (not just quoting others) to President Bush's two Supreme Court nominees, John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Will they ...

NBC and CBS Use Cheney and Obama Speeches to Jab at Cheney

Thursday's NBC Nightly News featured Andrea Mitchell chastising and correcting former Vice President Dick Cheney for his speech on fighting terrorism, but the network saw no need to correct ...

Pulling Heartstrings and Straining Credibility: The Media Promote Embryonic Stem Cell Research

At what point does news reporting devolve into propaganda?

CBS Keeps Misleading Viewers on Millions of Uninsured

'Evening News' cites flawed data to promote President Obama's 'action' on health care.
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