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NBC Discredits Faulty Dem Poll of GOP Voters Thinking Obama is Muslim...After MSNBC Hyped It

NBC and its hard left cable network don't seem to be on the same page. The morning after MSNBC bomb-thrower Ed Schultz condemned Republican voters for thinking President Obama is Muslim, on ...
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Chris Matthews Spews: Romney Crowds Are Like 'Androids' in 'North Korea'

Liberal Hardball host Chris Matthews, who has spent the last several days berating Rush Limbaugh for using inappropriate words, on Wednesday mocked the "featureless" young crowds at Mitt Romney's ...
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Network Snowe Job: NBC and ABC Mourn Retirement of Maine Senator, Fret Over Lack of GOP Centrists

On Wednesday's NBC Today, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd was looking for any excuse to be an Obama spokesman as made this declaration about the announced retirement of Maine ...
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NBC's Todd Crows: Obama Campaign 'Pretty Happy' with GOP Debate 'Too Much to the Right'

Reviewing Wednesday's Republican debate on Thursday's Today, NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd spun hard for Democrats: "You know, there was something about last night's debate ...
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NBC: Republicans 'Quick to Lash Out' at Obama Budget

In an attempt to frame Republican opposition to the President's 2013 budget proposal as merely political posturing, NBC Today co-host Ann Curry announced to viewers on Tuesday: "President Obama ...
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