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Media Go to Bat for Abortion Giant, Ignore Catholics vs. Obama Controversy

Study: 76% of Soundbites Favored Planned Parenthood Over Komen

Claire Shipman's Misleading Report Hits 'Political' Komen for Defunding Planned Parenthood

Good Morning America reporter Claire Shipman on Friday offered a one-sided, misleading segment on Susan G. Komen's "political" decision to defund Planned Parenthood. Shipman inaccurately described ...

ABC's Claire Shipman Tosses Softballs to Jimmy Carter at 'Incredible' Presidential Library

ABC's Claire Shipman on Thursday fawned over Jimmy Carter, celebrated his 85th birthday and the "incredible" presidential library bearing his name. Offering few tough questions, the Good Morning ...

ABC Exposes Prevalence of Oral Sex among Teen Girls

'Good Morning America' shocks viewers about teen behavior, but ignores networks' role in growing sexualization of teens.
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