Departing Public Editor Hoyt: We're Not the Fox News of the Left

The paper's departing public editor Clark Hoyt admitted the Times' editorial page and columnists are liberal and that the paper shares the prevailing sensibilities of the city and region where it ...

Public Editor Checks Out Complaints on Blumenthal 'Vietnam' Expose, Concludes: 'The Times Was Right'

Clark Hoyt defends the paper's front-page expose on CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's fibbing about serving in Vietnam: "In the end, through all the swirling sand the article has kicked up, ...

Al Franken, 'Moderate'? Even the Times' Public Editor Sees Something Awry

Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt devotes a rare column to labeling bias suggesting conservatives have legitimate complaints with the paper's "conservative" (and "neoconservative") labeling habits.

Times Public Editor Says ClimateGate Emails 'Not a Three-Alarm Story'

Clark Hoyt defends Andrew Revkin's incomplete coverage of ClimateGate and the Times for not posting the emails on its web site.

NY Times Public Editor Admits Paper Slow on ACORN, Staffer to Now Monitor Conservative Media

New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt's latest column tackles the ACORN scandal - or as Times readers know it: "What ACORN scandal?" In "Tuning In Too Late," Hoyt criticized the Times for its ...

Hoyt Admits Times Slow on ACORN, But Not First Conservative Media Story It's Ignored

The paper's public editor criticized the Times for its lack of coverage of the juicy ACORN imbroglio, an omission that has prodded the paper into creating a new semi-position to monitor opinion ...

Public Editor Lets Alessandra Stanley Off the Hook a Little for Awful Cronkite Obit

Clark Hoyt: "The Times published an especially embarrassing correction on July 22, fixing seven errors in a single article - an appraisal of Walter Cronkite, the CBS anchorman famed for his ...

Clark Hoyt Stands Up for Edmund Andrews, Dismisses "Bloggers"

The paper's public editor doesn't find it worrisome that economics reporter Edmund Andrews left his wife's two bankruptcies out of his book on his own personal mortgage crisis, and dismisses ...

NYT Admits to Spiking Story Alleging Illegal Obama-ACORN Connection

Public Editor Clark Hoyt calls the charge "nonsense," yet his Sunday article confirms it.

Times Readers Revolt Against "Plantation-Style" Photos in Surrogacy Article

Readers didn't appreciate the rich woman/poor servant feel of Times' reporter Alex Kuczynski's article on hiring a surrogate to bear her child.
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