Public Editor Calls Out Jodi Kantor for Teens-on-Facebook Flap

Three Times editors say Kantor made the wrong call when she emailed teenage students looking for "advice about a story" on Cindy McCain.

Public Editor Admits Times Reporters Are More Liberal...

...but Clark Hoyt then cited a report saying "a link between reporters' political beliefs and news coverage has never been convincingly established."

Public Editor Ludicrously Argues Obama Coverage Tougher

Clark Hoyt's narrow definition helpfully skips over clear double standards of coverage when it comes to scandals, gaffes, and race issues.

Keller on "Petty" Palin; McCain Guilty of "Demonstrable Falsehoods"

From the horse's mouth: Political editor Richard Stevenson tells the Public Editor that John McCain is guilty of "demonstrable falsehoods," while Executive Editor Bill Keller accuses Sarah Palin ...

Editor Bill Keller's Judgment Clouded by Liberal Politics

Executive Editor Bill Keller's political paranoia clouded his editorial judgment, leading him to omit Barack Obama's middle-name "Hussein" from a front-page profile out of "caution."

Public Editor Says Palin Coverage Fair, Parenting Angle "Legitimate"

Clark Hoyt says questions about Palin's "juggling" ability are totally inbounds: "The New York Times did have a front page story about the conversations that are going on among women...about how ...

The Cost of Killing Palinzilla

The liberal media's all-out assault on the faith and character of the GOP vice presidential nominee comes at a steep price: credibility.

Excuses for Not Covering Edwards Affair Refuted by NYT's Own Reporting

The Times comes up with two excuses for not covering allegations of a John Edwards affair: 1) they were anonymously sourced and 2) Edwards was not in contention as Obama's running mate. Both ...

Times Pats Itself on Back for Publishing Photos of War Dead

But when it came to standing with other media outlets and publishing controversial images of the Prophet Mohammad, the paper's courage vanished.

Public Editor Says Times Shouldn't Have Run McCain Affair Allegations

Clark Hoyt: "A newspaper cannot begin a story about the all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee with the suggestion of an extramarital affair with an attractive lobbyist 31 years his ...
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