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CMS Official Says '30 to 40 Percent' of Federal Exchange Not Working; CNN Ignores

On Tuesday and Wednesday, CNN ignored a bombshell revelation that "30 to 40" percent of the online federal exchange has not been completed almost two months after its rollout. CNN prefaced the ...
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CNN Contributor: Conservatives are ‘Anti-Science,’ ‘Anti-Woman’

Conservatives are ‘Flat Earthers’ who want women to ‘take up their vacuum cleaners.’

James Carville: Tea Party Delights In Mass Death

In a completely out-of-left-field smear posted on, James Carville called the GOP presidential field "mortality-fascinated" and ripped the entire Tea Party as a bunch of bloodthirsty sadists.

CNN Touts Slam of '80s 'Mythology' Promoting 'Militarism,' 'Greed'

Jay Kernis, senior producer of CNN's In the Arena program, promoted liberal writer David Sirota's thesis that "the mythology of the 1980s still defines our thinking on everything from militarism, ...

John Avlon Rips 'Far Right' Social Conservatives Over CPAC on

CNN contributor John Avlon took yet another shot at mainstream conservatives in a Wednesday column on Avlon blasted the "far right" Family Research Council and other conservative groups ...

Shocker: CNNMoney Criticizes Obama ... From Left

Reporter Jeanne Sahidi bemoans lack of tax increases, ignores high government spending.

John Avlon on Tea Party Wouldn't Support 'Civil' Reagan Today

The Daily Beast's John Avlon tried to sever the Tea Party movement from the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan in a Tuesday column on Avlon, a Tea Party hater, opined that a "key ...

CNN Blog Attacks Black Pro-Lifers, Continues Liberal Trend

The Anderson Cooper 360 blog on capped a leftward trend during the week of March 1 with a post on Friday from Obama supporter Tanya Acker, who accused pro-life activists of "racial ...
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