Comedy Central Special: Catholicism 'Crazy Junk,' 'Ridiculous'

Network, afraid to even mention Muhammad, airs another program bashing Catholics beliefs.

MSNBC's Brewer: Maybe New 'JC' Show Will Be 'Like a Sunday School Lesson'

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, who describes herself as a preacher's daughter, suggested that the "JC" cartoon planned for Comedy Central might be "more like a Sunday School lesson" than blasphemy.

Comedy Central Protects Islam, Slams Christianity

Network attacks Christ and other figures but refuses to pick on Muhammad.

Jesus, Mohammed, and Comedy Central

It's clear that Mohammed is off limits for comedy - but it's also crystal clear that Jesus Christ remains the juiciest of targets.

Lefty Jon Stewart Hits Bush Speechwriter for Living in 'Selective World,' Tells Him to Respond on Internet

Liberal comedian Jon Stewart featured a rare conservative voice on Tuesday's Daily Show, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen. As he often does during the occasions he talks to right-leaning ...

Cable's Not Kid-Friendly

Raunchy 'entertainment' is only a click away.

Cable's Not Kid-Friendly

Shows like these routinely make you wonder why the cable companies can't offer parents the option to reject the sleaziest corners of cable TV.

"The Daily Show" Questions the Relevance of the New York Times

Daily Show reporter Jason Jones presents a newspaper to a Times editor and asks, only half-kidding: Who would want to read "aged news" as opposed to "real news" (on the web)?

Cramer Claims Stewart Was Trying to Get Him Fired: 'One Day He'll Answer for It'

CNBC 'Mad Money' host admits 'Daily Show' appearance wasn't one of his best, but fires back at Comedy Central host.

'South Park' vs. Purity

Rock stars are rarely controversial for acting like rock stars. A decadent lifestyle of sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse are the expected menu. In our upside-down popular culture, rock stars create ...
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