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Big Three Networks Give 2X More Coverage to Confederate Flag than Westerners Joining ISIS

Despite briefly mentioning at least six reported instances of American citizens joining ISIS in June, and multiple FBI warnings about ISIS’s influence in the United States, the networks chose to ...
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1776 and All That: Four Ways the Left Destroys American History

The Confederate flag isn’t the only thing media liberals want to disappear.
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Look Away ...

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Jeff Gordon Condemns Confederate Flag; Opts for Rainbow Car

Drafting the gay juggernaught?
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Some Confederate Money-Makers Still not Purged from Apple, Amazon

Rebel flag remains on best-selling products.

Frank Rich on "Callous Conservatism" and Racist Republicans

Frank Rich: "[Virginia Sen. George] Allen has a history of racial insensitivity. He used to display a Confederate flag in his living room and, bizarrely enough, a noose in his office for ...
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